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1. About Xcode 11 and its Trips and Tricks
a. Building First iOS App

2. Introduction to Swift language
a. About Variables, Strings, Integers, Booleans, constants, Collection Types, operators, Classes and Structs
b. Building Second iOS App with Basic Controls

3. Advanced Swift Topics
c. OOPs in swift
d. Optionals

4. Building simple iOS app creating custom textfeilds

5. Building simple calculator app

6. Introduction to auto layouts and Size Classes

7. Building iOS app with using UIStackView

8. Building iOS app with using Segues

9. About IBActions and IBoutlets

10. Building iOS app (Sending data between the Viewcontrollers)

11. Deep look on iPhone UI Designing

12. Using Protocols in swift

13. Creating UItableview

14. About UItableviewCell, Data source and delegates of tableview

15. Creating a UIcollectionview

16. Working with Web Services in iOS (Codable – Decodables)

17. About MVC architecture with example and Singleton Design Pattern

18. Closures in swift

19. About Memory Management in Swift

20. About Core Data

21. About Core location and Google maps

22. How to handle Multi-Threading in iOS

23. About Touch ID And Face ID

24. How to use Third-party libraries (Cocoapods)

25. About Local notifications and Push notifications

26. About CoreML Basics

27. Using Delegates and notification center in swift

28. About version controls

29. Uploading app to APP Store

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