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Introduction to Servicenow Admin:

What is Service Now
Why and who can use Service Now
Concept of cloud computing in Service Now
Navigation and users
Helpful portals, releases
Forms, Lists and Tables

ITIL overview on servicenow:

Configuring Users and Groups:


Basic Forms and List Modification:

Personalizing Forms
Personalizing Lists
Introduction to Fields
How to clear the ServiceNow database cache
How to remove the attachment from incident/problem or change

Applications and Modules – Overview and Administration:

Modifying Menu Categories
Creating Application Menus
Creating Modules
Module Link Types
Update Set
Creating Update Sets
Select an Update Set
Navigating Updated Records
Merging Update Sets

Service Level Management:

SLA Components
SLA Definition
Difference between SLA, OLA and Underpinning contracts
Task SLA (SLA Stages, Time based fields)
SLA Workflow
SLA Conditions
Introduction to SLA and default SLA workflows
Installing SLA plugins
Use Retro-Restart option

Access Control List (ACL):

Service Catalog:

Introduction to Items and Categories
Record Producers
Introduction to Variables and Variable Sets.
Creating workflows
Associating workflows to Items

Work Flow:

How to use work flow effictively in Service catalog and SLA

Scheduled Jobs and Imports:

Data Imports
Creating and defining transform maps
Creating transform scripts

UI Policies, Scripts and Actions:

Creating a UI Policy
Defining Client Scripts
The On load Check Box
View-Specific UI Policy
Converting a UI Policy to a Data Policy
Service Catalog UI Policy
Switching between UI15 and UI16
Branding you instance
Creating a custom homepage

User Administration and Security:

Groups and Roles
Emails and notification
User preferences

Servicenow Knowledge Management:

Create a knowledge article
Select a knowledge article category

Understanding Data and Relationship: 

One to one relationship in servicenow
One to many relationship in servicenow
Many to many relationship in servicenow
Defining Custom relationship
Database table inheritance

Asset Management and CMDB:

Benefits of CMDB
CI-CI relationships
BSM map of related Cis
Key CMDB Tables
IT Service Processes: Use the CMDB

Service Portal:

Understanding Service Portal
Understanding Widgets
Service Portal components

Course Details Servicenow Developer:

Introduction to Scripting:

To script, or not to script ?
Client side versus server side APIs
Where scripting is supported
Integrated development environment

The Client-Side Glide API- (Application Program Interface)OnLoad

The Server-Side Glide API (Application Program Interface):

The structure of API Class
Server -side APIs
Glide Record
Glide Element
Glide Date and Time
Glide Session
Glide System
Glide User
GlideForm (g_form)

Server -side Scripting

g_scratchpad , Business Rules

Client -side Scripting

Client Scripts
Build for performance
UI scripts
Scripts files from the server


Client side debugging
server side debugging
Debugging Business Rule
Debugging ACL
Background scripts

Servicenow Integration:

Create an integration
Tips for writing integrations
Integration troubleshooting

Introducing the MID Server:

Configure an IP address range for the MID Server
Map an IP address to a DNS name
Select the default MID Server for Orchestration
Configure an IP address range for the MID Server

LDAP-Lightweight Directory Access Protocol:

LDAP integration
LDAP authentication
LDAP listener
LDAP integration requirements
Importing Users from LDAP Server

LDAP-Lightweight Directory Access Protocol:

LDAP integration
LDAP authentication
LDAP listener
LDAP integration requirements
Importing Users from LDAP Server

Introduction to Domain Seperation:

Definig a Domain
Organizing Domain
Creating more Domain Relationship


Data collected by Discovery
Domain Separation and Discovery
Create a Discovery process classification
Discovery APIs on the developer portal

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